Privacy Policy

If you are a patron, the following information is shared with the creators you support:

  1. Your email address and other profile information.
  2. Any messages you send them through Patreon.
  3. Your physical address, city, state, country, and phone number, if you have signed up for a reward that requires shipping.
  4. All information about your pledge, including amount and start date, but not your full payment card information.
  5. Some aggregated and anonymized data about how you use Patreon that cannot be linked back to any individual user.


We never sell your information to anyone. We use your information to:

  1. provide Patreon services to you.
  2. allow you to sign in to your account.
  3. allow you to support creators through Patreon.
  4. allow you to collect money as a creator.
  5. send you emails relevant to your usage, as controlled by your email preferences.
  6. reply to your questions.
  7. understand how you use the service and market Patreon to you, including suggesting creators you may be interested in supporting.
  8. create better tools for creators to serve patrons.
  9. conduct research and development to improve Patreon and develop future products that our users may be interested in by analyzing how you use it.
  10. prevent fraud and abuse on Patreon.


Choosing Your Preferences

The Settings link is located by clicking on your avatar or profile at the top right hand of your screen. Settings lets you see the what your account preferences are. You can see and adjust your settings by viewing your preferences and, if you wish, by changing your selections.

Exercising Your Data Rights

You can exercise rights over your data in the following ways:

  1. Modifying the Information in Your Account

    You can modify or delete certain information associated with your account on the settings pages, as described in the “Choosing Your Preferences” section above.

  2. Disabling Your Account

    You can disable your account if you go to your account settings while you are logged into Patreon. Click the “Disable My Account” link to have your account immediately disabled and removed from public view. Please be aware that this is a final act and you cannot log into your account again after clicking this link. When you disable your account, we immediately remove your ability to log in. If you create a new account, you will be asked to use a different email address from the one you used previously. Even if an account is disabled, some information may be retained by our analytics providers on their own servers.

  3. Removing Marketing Emails

    You can stop receiving marketing emails by changing your email settings. While this removes your marketing emails, service related emails are still sent, including how you can optimize your Patreon experience and suggestions for which creators to follow.

  4. Turning off Mobile Notifications

    If you download the Patreon App you may also receive notifications on your mobile device. These can be disabled in the App settings.

  5. Understanding Our Data Retention Periods

    We retain your information for ten years, unless you disable your account information from your account settings. Please note that once you disable your account, you will not be able to log in again. If you want to log into Patreon again by creating a new account, you may be prompted to use a new email address from the one you previously used on your disabled account.

  6. Additional Questions Related to Privacy

    For additional privacy-related questions about your account, you may email us



more on the privacy policy here

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