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Spreading motivation everywhere we go

Women empower other women. This store embodies everything the Create Yourself Show is about. Motivational swag to not just inspire you to create your best life, but everyone you meet!


The perfect cozy and soft layer of warmth for cooler weather


Tank Tops

Whether you are working out or staying comfy, these tanks will give you a polished outfit.

T shirts

T shirts for year round.

Long Sleeves

Cooler weather means sleeves and layering! These are perfect for both!


Crop Tops

Anyone can rock these shirts!

Parent and Me

Mommy, daddy, daughter, son. Really these looks are perfect for the whole family!




Self-Love is a skill to learn at any age. It transfers well to treating others with respect.

Live Events

Join Sarah Fegley, author, podcaster and mentor, as she helps you find your self-confidence through changing your mindset, self care tactics, and making your dreams into achievable goals.

My dream is for a world where no woman has to suppress their voice, feel stuck where they are, ashamed of their dreams, settle for “what they should be doing”. A world where they can express their feelings, thoughts, opinions, values. Where women lift each other up, even if they are”competition”.

We all have our own story, personal experiences, and things we are made to do. Finding exactly what those things are and how to do them is what I am here to help you decipher. This is an ever changing and long journey we are about to take, but isn’t it worth it?

YOU are worth it.

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My Favorite Nail Polish

No Dry Time

No Heat

No Tools

Do I need to say more?

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