About the Create Yourself Show and Podcast

I have a dream that every woman around the world doesn’t have to settle in a situation, feel stuck, or muddle through life on her own.

The Create Yourself show and podcast is a way for me to share with other women how to find their self-confidence, achieve their dreams, rebuild themselves after a toxic situation or life altering experience, build a support system, and how to enjoy life in this crazy world.

I believe life is about creating yourself not finding yourself in a one size fits all mold.

I started the podcast in December of 2018 and the Radio show launches in February of 2019.


  1. The podcast is currently getting an average of 32 downloads per episode and total downloads of 221. (these numbers are consistently increasing daily)
  2. The radio station has a broad following due to it being available to anyone online through IHeart Radio and TuneIn Radio.
  3. Both are geared towards women with a few episodes having a male following as well.


I currently have 20 commercial spots (30 seconds). These are played during every episode of both the podcast and radio show.

I have 20 endorsement spots (shout outs, social media posting, spot on my”product vault” page on my website).

I also am able to record an interview with you so listeners can fall in love with your brand even more (typically 15 minutes to 40 minutes) Special events are also able to be done depending on location.

I look forward to chatting with you more!

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