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My Favorite Way To Bake Salmon

I have been making this recipe for years now and is my go-to when I want something easy and seafood. I could eat this every week and not get tired of it. Print Yum Baked Dijon Salmon Prep Time: 3 minutesCook Time: 12 minutesTotal Time: 15 minutes Ingredients1 Tbsp fresh herb of choice (cilantro, parsley,...


Berry Protein Streusel Muffins

This recipe works so well for our family because it has protein in there to add nutrition and we make half the batter as regular sized muffins and the other half as mini muffins. We keep them in the freezer and heat in the microwave in the mornings for a simple grab and go breakfast. And the streusel topping really makes these taste like "normal muffins" #momwin


Summer Cheesecake Tart

Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this blog postcontains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in asmall commission for me (at no extra cost for you).   Fresh summer fruit is the perfect pairing for cheesecake, so why not add it as a swirl! This...


Lasagna Zucchini Boats Recipe

Did you know you can make any squash into a boat style dish? And you can stuff them pretty much any way you can think! These lasagna zucchini boats are not only delicious, they are filling too. This recipe can be made with any sort of squash as well! Zucchini, yellow squash, acorn squash, ect....


Sausage and Apple-Stuffed Acorn Squash

You can mix and match the flavors any way you like. Mushrooms and apple Jalapeno, bacon, and cheese Cranberry and apple. Quinoa instead of panko crumbs. Turkey instead of chicken. The possibilities are endless which is why I love these so much. What is your favorite stuffed squash combo? Let me know in the comments...


Gingerbread macaroons

I recommend creating a template for quarter sized macaroons and have it under the parchment paper so you don’t make them too big like I did ;p What is your favorite macaroon flavor? Let me know in the comments Print Yum Gingerbread Macaroons Total Time: 1 hour, 15 minutes Ingredients 2 & ? cups powdered...