I drink at least one cup of tea a day from my drawer filled with teas for every occasion. From morning tea to anti-allergy to sleeping aids, Tea Nation USA has it all (and if you are in need of something specific, they can make it for you!)

And since today is their one-year anniversary, I decided to introduce you to the lady behind this AMAZING company.

Say Hello to Kayla Taylor!

Kayla has been blending her own teas for the last fifteen years. Having health issues as a teenager, someone told her to try milk thistle tea but disliked the taste. She started to mix the milk thistle with some of the other teas that she liked, making it more palatable and pushing her to learn more about the healing benefits of tea.

In her early 20s, Kayla was diagnosed with a heart condition and had to have heart surgery. After her surgery, she was told that she’d have to be on medication for the rest of her life – a medication that made her sicker than the disease. Out of desperation, she went to a holistic healing center and, much to her surprise, that decision literally saved her life!

Kayla decided that she wanted to help others heal much like the holistic services she received at the center. She abandoned her career as an English professor and became a Nutritional Therapist, Reiki Master, and Holistic Healer. When she opened her own wellness center, Way of Life Wellness, she decided to turn her passion for blending teas into a business as well and that is how Tea Nation was born.

Here is my interview with Kayla:

How do you serve the world?

I introduce people to holistic healing and natural remedies allowing them to take control of their own health.

What are your days like?

You can find me in my home office either working on the computer, seeing clients, or blending teas

What do you do in your free time?

When I’m not busy working on growing my businesses, you can find me recharging at the beach, reading a book, writing my novel, learning numerology, or cooking something delicious in my kitchen. (Fun Fact: I have a B.A. in Literature on top of my Nutritional Therapy and Holistic Healing certifications)

What are you most passionate about?

Tea, learning new things, reading, teaching, traveling, and working with animals

What is your job like? 

I work with my husband which is certainly interesting!

I create tea blends for anyone who is looking for a natural remedy that’s also delicious.

I inspire small business startups to push for success and set big goals.

I inspire people who are sick to take control of their health (like I did after having heart surgery) and learn how to reverse/control/manage their condition so they can live fulfilling lives. I serve people in their souls’ journeys through my gifts as an energy healer, medium, and intuitive counselor.

I am lucky to be blessed with my healing gifts so that I can give my Way of Life Wellness clients the gift of balance and spiritual awareness. I am lucky to give my Tea Nation customers the tools – tea – to help them take control of their health. I am lucky to give my Way of Life Wellness clients and my Tea Nation customers the gift of living healthy, fulfilled lives. I am lucky to be able to teach Reiki and give people the gift of a Reiki attunement.

Do you have any awards?

 As an entrepreneur, I’ve been honored as a top Leading Woman in Business by Jacksonville Business Connections.

What are your favorite products/services?

Do you mean mine? If so, my favorite teas are Mrs. Tea (a mint green tea), immuniTEA (an herbal blend to boost the immune system), and resTEAssured (to help me sleep).

It’s hard for me to pick my favorite service because everything I do overlaps. I am a Reiki Master and during my energy healing sessions, I also use my skills as a medium and intuitive counselor to help my clients heal.

If you don’t mean mine, my favorite wellness things are… I love my Melaleuca products which have allowed me to convert my home to be free of harmful chemicals (I’m happy to talk to anyone about these more since you can only order the products if you are referred).

One of my favorite wellness services is Cold Laser Therapy which oxygenates and energizes the body on a cellular level resulting in positive effects throughout the whole body.

Still there?

Connect with Kayla below!


FB & IG @teanationusa

E-Mail kayla@teanationusa.com

Wellness Services

FB @wayoflifewellness

E-Mail healing@wayoflifewellness.org

Have you tried any of the Tea Nation USA teas?

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