This 4 week Challenge will give you

Exactly what you need to safely navigate this stage of your pregnancy -- with evidence-based training programs and nutrition recommendations you can use right away.

Staying active can be hard in pregnancy and knowing how to handle your rapidly changing body,  from what you can see to your hormones, is difficult for everyone (yes, even second or third time moms. Because every pregnancy is different)

4 weeks of done-for-you workouts

From trying to conceive to third trimester, you’ll have a complete strength training and cardio workout program you can easily customize for your ability level and schedule, so you never have to wonder what’s safe for you and your baby.

Instant support

As soon as you enroll we will get the ball rolling on what programming needs you have.  You don’t have to do this alone. I'll be with you every step of the way as well as all of the other women going through this as well. 

Pillar #1: The fitness

The app will get populated with a calendar that contains movement goals for the day.  Any exercises will have how to videos and exactly what to do. 

Pillar #2 : Nutrition

You aren't just nourishing your own body. Now you are eating for (or three). Then add on top of that the cravings,  the nausea, the increased sense of smell, or any other super pregnancy powers you've accumulated. Coming up with what to eat can be daunting.  Have no fear,  we will work together to attempt to make this area as easy as possible for you to navigate. 

Pillar #3 : Mental Health

Hormones change so much during pregnancy (and after) that your mental health can quickly go down the drain. We will address common issues and ways to deal with them. As well as issues that you may develop in the future. 

Pillar #4: external energy

There are a few things that we will address here that will help you to know when you need help, how to ask for help,  and finding that support system.  It is one of those things that is difficult for most women especially when they are going through big life changes. 

This program is for you if...

  • You want to help strengthen your body to minimize risk of injury and speed the healing process after delivery
  • You want to save a TON of money by having safe, ready-to-use workouts you can implement right away without having to hire a personal trainer
  • ​You want the convenience of having workouts you can do on your own schedule without having to hire a coach
  • ​You're tired of trying to cobble together workout programs from articles and videos you've seen online
  • ​You need well-researched, comprehensive info about pregnancy and postpartum you can use right now

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