Easy DIY wreath that you can change for any season

I just love how a simple wreath can dress up the outside of your house. And with this one there’s no need to have more than one, which means none taking up room in your attic šŸ˜˜

What you need

  • Burlap roll
  • Tulle
  • Wire hanger
  • Zip ties and/or pipe cleaners

If you use only pipe cleaners, make sure you have two colors (one for the permanent parts and one for the parts you change out every season)

1. Bend the hanger into a circle

2. Attach the beginning of the burlap to the hanger

3. You will bunch up and attach every four to eight inches of the burlap (it depends on how floppy and big you want it to look)

This will also effect how much burlap you will need

4. Continue with the burlap until you have covered either the entire hanger (if you don’t want any tulle) or just the section you want colored

5. Cut the tulle into 6-10 inch long sections (this depends on how floppy you want it) then just tie it in a knot around the hanger

6. Add any other decorations on you would like. Be sure to attach anything you will be changing out with a different color pipe cleaner

Author: Sarah Fegley

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