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My office

Hey guys,

So obviously you know I have a blog, did you know I also recently started a live podcast? All on top of my work from home job (because let’s face it, this blog and the podcast have zero moneymakers in them)

So it’s safe to say, I spend A LOT of time in my office. So I have been working making my part of it as enjoyable to be in as possible.

(The other half of this half of the room is Rj’s gaming desk. The other entire half of the room is Mia’s baby gym and a big tv 🤣. Hey, I have to keep an eye on her some how 😉)

My theme is rose gold with some muave and blush pink.
That red heel is a wine holder 🤩.

Of course plants because seeing them out the window isn’t enough 😘.

Do you have an office area?

Do you work from home?

Or maybe just bring work home?

Talk to you soon,


What did you like best?

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