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Hey Guys!

So I did a thing… and I’m in LOVE!

This company got started back in OCT. and they make the easiest to apply and most reasonably priced lashes I’ve seen… which is why I HAD to try them.

p.s. I do NOT sell these but I can direct you so a fabulash lady who does šŸ˜‰

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I purchased the starter kit in MISS, which is, what I call, an in-between lash. It’s not super dramatic but dramatic enough you can still wear them for a night out.

The starter kit comes with the lashes, an applicator, and the best adhesive for beginners ever. The adhesive has a thin brush inside to apply on the band without getting glue all over.

The applicator also makes putting them on so much easier than using your fingers.


  1. Apply full face of makeup with just one thin coat of mascara (MAKE SURE YOU HAD CURLED YOUR LASHES)
  2. gently peel off lashes, using your fingers, from the packaging (keep because you can use these 5-7 times)
  3. Take Micellar Water, or any oil-free makeup remover, and remove the adhesive on the ends
  4. Line up on the eye to see if you need to trim them. If you do, trim from the outside.
  5. grab lashes with the applicator and apply glue along the band. Make sure you apply it all the way to the ends.
  6. gently blow on the glue until it starts to become more clear.
  7. place lashes on by pressing in the middle and then gently push the ends on appropriately.
  8. touch up eyeliner if needed

If you need more information or would like to get some for yourself, head to my friend, Sloan, here.

Post your selfies in the comments!!

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