How To: Create an Inspiration Board

A vision board is vital in getting you motivated every day to achieve your goals.  I have an entire wall set up consisting of my long-term goals, short-term goals, what to do every day to work towards those long-term goals, affirmations, and motivational art, quotes, and pictures.

Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through all of this.

– To get started, you need to sit down and visualize your “dream life” write down what it looks like: work, family, house, the location you are living, what your daily life looks like. (This will take around 30 minutes, don’t cut yourself short. This is the base for everything else.)

These are your long-term goals. Look at that, one thing for your board! If they don’t intimidate you or make you think that they are unrealistic, then they aren’t big enough.

– Now go to Pinterest or Google and find pictures of what you wrote down. Two things done!

– Now let’s look at that list again. What are you going to do daily, weekly, monthly to work towards these goals?

Can the job you currently have allow you to live this life? If not, you may need to start looking at alternatives. If so, wahoo! That’ the hardest part for most people. Figure out how to get those promotions.

Can the friends you have now motivate and support you to reach your goals? If not, you need to start limiting your time with them and find other friends that will. Eric Worre said, “You become the average of the five people you spend your most time with”. Time to limit people that are bringing down your potential!

– Since we have long-term goals and things we can do to work towards them, what will your life look like in a month when you do these things daily? two months? three months? They will be little achievements but they are all steps towards your new life!

These are your short-term goals. You will be updating these every month.

– Next, affirmations. (these are the hardest for me) These are things that will start your day off on a positive note. You can Google some for ideas. Make 3-5 of them for; lifestyle, job, health, and family.

Add these to your board!

– Finally, those motivational quotes you have saved in a Pinterest board, print or write them down and slap ’em up there!

All done, well almost.

All of this work will go to waste if you don’t look at it, visualize it, think about how you will feel when you are living that life, and saying those affirmations out loud! Do it right when you wake up, while you’re brushing your teeth, drinking coffee, doing yoga, etc. But start off your day with this and you will be more productive and positive.

Comment below with what your favorite tip was.

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