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I’m just going to jump right in with the cold, hard truth. My nails have ALWAYS been horrible, peeling in layers, brittle kind. BUT I have talked to other’s out there that are the same and they always told me to get gel/acrylics. I did it once and my nails got worse. šŸ™ Then when I was pregnant I was blessed with perfect nails until Mia was about 4 months old.

During that time, I wanted to have beautiful French mani all the time since they would actually stay nicer. I didn’t always have time/money for the salon so I had to do it at home a lot.

Let. Me. Tell. You. I am a pretty artistic person but when I painted my nail they never stayed as nice for as long. (last about a week when the salon stayed nice for two)

THEN I found this lovely lady, Mel, who introduced me to my first nail secret…nail polish stickers. They are legit made out of nail polish. Not just a sticker. 


No joke, it takes me 5 minutes to do a french manicure with them, 3 minutes for regular one-step nails (when Mia doesn’t need something during that time that is. Moms, you know what I mean) Even if she does, I can stop what I’m doing and pick her up or whatever it is and they don’t get messed up!! No wrinkling, smearing, bubbling at all. 

AND they last for two weeks, depending on how fast my nails grow. Then when I need fresh paint, just regular nail polish remover does the trick. Which means I get perfect nails for cheaper than the salon. 

Now back to when Mia turned 4 months old….. My nails all of a sudden went right back to the horribleness they had used to be. When I painted them, they didn’t peel as much but they definitely didn’t stay nice for as long. Which brings me to my second nail secret.

A cuticle oil, not those nail strengthening polish things but an oil you rub on your cuticles once or twice a day. They are now just like they were when I was pregnant!

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Let me know your favorite color to paint your nails in the comments!


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